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Delivery is an essential term in a contract of sale. It refers to the process of transferring goods from the seller to the buyer in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the sales agreement. The delivery term defines the responsibilities and liabilities of both parties involved in the transaction.

In most contracts of sale, the delivery term includes four fundamental aspects: time, place, manner, and cost. These aspects determine the extent of delivery obligations of the seller and the rights of the buyer.

Time of Delivery

The time of delivery refers to the exact moment when the seller is obligated to transfer the goods to the buyer. The delivery date is usually specified in the contract, and the seller must ensure that the goods are available on that date. If the seller fails to deliver the goods, the buyer may be entitled to cancel the contract and claim damages.

Place of Delivery

The place of delivery is also an essential aspect of the delivery term. It specifies the location where the seller must deliver the goods. The place of delivery can be the seller`s premises, the buyer`s premises, or any other location agreed upon in the contract. The seller must ensure that the goods are delivered to the agreed location within the specified time frame.

Manner of Delivery

The manner of delivery refers to the way in which the goods are transported from the seller to the buyer. It includes the mode of transport, packaging, and documentation. The seller must ensure that the goods are delivered in the appropriate manner, according to the specific requirements of the buyer.

Cost of Delivery

The cost of delivery refers to the expenses associated with the delivery of goods. It may include transportation costs, insurance, and other charges related to the delivery of the goods. In most cases, the cost of delivery is borne by the buyer, unless otherwise specified in the contract.


In summary, the delivery term is an essential aspect of a contract of sale. It determines the obligations and liabilities of both parties regarding the transfer of goods from the seller to the buyer. The time, place, manner, and cost of delivery are the key components of the delivery term that must be defined accurately and agreed upon by both parties. By understanding the delivery term, buyers and sellers can ensure that their transaction is completed successfully and in accordance with the agreed terms.

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